by Hal Goldberg

The purpose of my sculptures is to make people think long and hard about the Holocaust. On these web pages you will find sculptures carved in marble that commemorate the heroism of that time and place. Here you will not find any ambiguous abstract artwork or any sense of defeatism. These sculptures are dedicated to one of the most important lessons of the Holocaust - Am Yisroel Chai - the Jewish people will always survive.

"Juden haben waffen!" – Ghetto Fighters Kill S.S. Unterscharfuhrer Josef Blosche, Warsaw Ghetto, 1943 (White Carrara Marble - 36" x 48" x 24" - 2013)

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When the Jewish Ghetto Fighters began firing on them, the first words the Nazis uttered were, "Juden haben waffen !"  ("The Jews have weapons.") I chose Josef Blosche, the sadistic "Frankenstein" of the Ghetto to symbolize this event. (Blosche was the SS soldier pointing the rifle at the little boy in the famous Warsaw Ghetto photo). Blosche was actually tried and executed after the war, but in my sculpture the Jewish Ghetto Fighters kill him in the Ghetto. The sculpture will be installed on a base representing a sewer opening in a cobblestone street (in the shape of a "Z" to symbolize the Ghetto Fighters organization ZOB.) The Nazis went down into the sewers to  find the Jews, and here is where I envision Blosche being shot dead. (see picture below)

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